Death After Life

by Dull

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The first demo by dull as a full band. Record is waiting to be mastered, but until its finished, enjoy the preview!


released September 6, 2015

Tyler - Vox/Bass/Guitar/Shrewdness
Greg - Drums/Personality
Jordan Pham - Recording



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Dull Austin, Texas

Giving you the news the people want to hear.

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Track Name: Churn
I’ve held your hands
Through so many blows
And now I’ve felt all alone
You make me sick
I feel it deep in my stomach
It’s churning out what I wanted
To keep it down and inside
Forget it

So they pour in
Walking single file
Oh the crowd that attends
It spans out for a mile
On my knees on this stage
I curl into myself
So I scream out the nothing
I’m left with my wealth
I bite on my tongue
With what’s left of my teeth
I’ve been grinding in anger
For so many weeks
Yea, this pity part plays
For no one else but me
‘Cause I’m hopeless
Track Name: Busy
I can’t get inside your head
I’ve never left here by myself
So I just stick around and wait it out
Until you can leave your shell

I know you’re busy
I’m too much to take

Like the sick you stress to break
And present yourself as knelt
A hope slowly deteriorating
Denatured on the shelf

You’re an old gas can
and I fill you up with disease

I’ll forget again
I’m not so good with words
You’re feeling awful blue
I’ll be your rocking chair
Take you back and forth
These waves you’re pushing through.
Track Name: Escapes
Will you let me know when it hurts
I’m scratching out your time
If you don’t mind
I’m a waste, but I’ll fake it.

Yea I choke on my escapes
So you know that I am leaving
With a cut that‘s close to cleaving
Through skin and bone

I’m less inclined
In this bottom line
I’ll settle
To settle’s fine

So the smoke cuts through my lungs
Hold you in until I’m forced
To breathe you out
Fold into myself
Cut this whole thing down again.
Track Name: Get Clean!
This long standing focus
breaks me down to piece
and you're never awake
to peer through the blinds

I bit your neck to make an impression
depression creeps all over your skin

Get clean
with water after it's done
it's always after it's done
it's always

I froze your death to stay this emotion
point of interest sticks inside your throat

Get clean.
Track Name: Paper
In the worst respects I’m found
Solemnity, it drags me through the ground
you forget you’re paper
torn to shreds
tossed out

And I’m not

Make the best of this part now
Look around, you’re lost inside the mouth
You forget you shatter.